Headlight Restoration Wipes Vs Home Remedies

Headlight Restoration Wipes Vs Home Remedies

Max Treverton

If your headlights are looking cloudy, scratched or dull, it is time to give them a good clean. Foggy headlights can be dangerous. They limit the amount of light given out by the car, which in turn reduces your ability to see at night.

Dull headlights are also hard for other vehicles to see - increasing the risk of an accident. Restore headlights to their former condition, and you can improve your car's safety while preventing the need for costly replacement.

So how should you go about cleaning your headlights? The internet is crammed with home remedies for headlight restoration - but do they really work? We compare DIY cleaning methods with our own tried and tested Headlight Restoration Wipes, to see which comes out on top.

Home remedies

Everyone has a different answer when asked how they clean their headlights. From vinegar to toothpaste and from baking soda to fizzy drinks, there are countless home remedies on the market that claim to offer fast, quick and cost-effective cleaning for headlights and light covers.

Any abrasive or caustic chemical product will have more of an effect on your headlights than simple water. Pastes often have rough particles which scrub at dirt, removing solid stains, while acidic liquids can break down sticky residues. Whether you apply household cleaning products or food store items to your lights, you can often give them a better clean than water alone can achieve.

Headlight Restore Wipes

Unlike household chemicals, our Headlight Restoration Wipes are formulated specifically for use on vehicle headlights. The dual action of the wipes both cleans stains and smudges, and buffs out scratches. They are extremely effective at reducing fogging and clouding of lights. Plus, they are very cost-effective, and can be ordered online for delivery anywhere across Australia. Most importantly, they are designed to protect headlights, and there is no risk of damaging the lights further.

The verdict

While it is true that home remedies can have some benefit for cleaning headlights, there is little they can do to restore them completely. There is also a serious risk of doing further damage. When you apply any chemical to plastic, there can be a reaction. The light could become discoloured, scratched or warped.

On the other hand, restoration wipes are designed specifically for use on plastic. They are tough enough to remove marks and scuffs, but gentle enough to protect the plastic. If you want to achieve the best results for your vehicle, our restoration wipes are recommended.

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