How to know when your headlights need cleaning

How to know when your headlights need cleaning

Max Treverton

Although we're now largely through the worst of the winter months, we're still a way away from the clocks going forward. It's important, then, that you ensure your headlights are clean and visible, especially during your commute to and from work in the darker hours of the day.

Ideally, you should check all the lights on your car on a weekly basis. Here are some key things to look out for when conducting your headlight check:

Yellowing headlights

The headlights on your car have a clear protective coating to ensure that pollutants and salts don't come into contact with your bulbs. However, over time, these coatings can themselves degrade and start to 'yellow', reducing the effectiveness of the headlight bulb below. If this has happened to the headlights on your car, you can purchase a special headlight restoration solution to prolong the life of the plastic and ensure you're seen out on the roads.

Foggy headlights

Cloudy or foggy headlights are caused by a number of things, but two culprits are most to blame: excessive sunlight and build-up of grime. While some deterioration over time is to be expected, if you let the problem slide, it could soon affect the roadworthiness of your vehicle. Working at their optimum, headlights are designed to illuminate the road 45 to 60 metres in front of you. However, when dirty, the output of your headlights could by reduced by up to 90%, meaning you're actually only able to see 10% of the road in front of your vehicle. When travelling at fast speeds, this could have a real impact on your ability to react to obstacles in time. This is why it's important to get your foggy or cloudy headlights fixed. Problems with cloudy or foggy headlights are easily rectified: contact us for more details.

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If you've noticed that your headlights aren't quite working as they used to, don't worry! We sell headlight restoration wipes to consumers across Australia. For a headlight cleaning solution that works for you, get in touch with us today.

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