3 Simple Headlight Maintenance Tips

3 Simple Headlight Maintenance Tips

Max Treverton

Just like you need a pair of healthy eyes for clear sight, your car also requires bright headlights for improved visibility on the road.

Dimmed headlights compromise your safety on the road because they reduce your night-driving vision and they also prevent other drivers from seeing you clearly. You are also likely to get into trouble with the local authorities if your headlights are not in the best condition.

For these reasons, you need to ensure that your headlights are always in great shape, and you can do so with these three simple tips.

1. Have your headlights replaced regularly 

You need to ensure that both of your headlights are in perfect shape for a clear, even, and consistent field-of-vision on the road. Inadequate or yellow lighting means that the headlight bulbs are fading or have burned out, and they should be replaced immediately. It is advisable that you replace both headlight bulbs at the same time because if one fails, the other one won’t be far behind.

2. Clean the headlights to remove grime and film from the lenses 

Replacing your headlight bulbs is not enough to save you from night-time driving hazards if the lenses are dirty and cloudy. Grime from the road and other contaminants from the air form a film of dirt on your headlight lenses naturally over time, making them look clouded and hence diminishing their brightness. Cleaning your headlights is something that you can easily do on your own with our headlight restoration wipes, and the lenses will be good as new in less than an hour. The wipes are very effective even on very dirty headlights, and doing-it-yourself will save you a bigger bill from your mechanic.

3. Protect your headlight lenses from harsh weather elements 

Australia is a great place but our prevalent harsh weather can be a menace to headlights. When exposed to weather elements like the scorching sun, UV rays break down the exterior coating on the outer side of headlight lenses leaving them foggy, damaged, and unsightly. Newer car models with plastic lenses are particularly affected by this factor. To keep your headlight lenses from this damage, you should always ensure that you park your car in the shade with the headlights facing away from the sun or in an undercover parking space.

We sell affordable headlight restoration wipes online to consumers from all parts of Australia. If you’re looking for the best DIY solution to bring back that sparkle on your headlight lenses, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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