Important reasons to keep your car clean

Important reasons to keep your car clean

Ella Mazzon

Car cleaning may seem like a purely aesthetic pursuit to most owners. This is true to some degree, in that a dirty car can look shabby and is not particularly pleasant visually. However, there are reasons to keep your car clean that stretch beyond cosmetics:

1. Dirty cars cause accidents

This is undoubtedly the most important reason why you should keep your car clean and clear. Dirty windows, for example, reduce visibility and can increase the car's chances of being involved in a collision. A similar thing can be said for headlights which, when foggy and obscured, emit a weaker and less intense light. To rectify this, consider investing in effective cleaning products such as headlight restoration wipes and paint cleaners. According to statistics collected a few years ago, car owners are likely to be involved in some sort of accident once every 18 years [link:]. By cleaning your car and keeping visibility as clear as possible, you will reduce this risk.

2. Dirt can erode your car’s paintwork

Keeping a car’s exterior clean is fundamental to preserving it. Dirt, salt and grime are all capable of eroding a vehicle’s exterior, thereby destroying not only the paint but the metal underneath. In this respect, washing and waxing your car regularly will help extend its lifespan, as well as preserve its value.

3. Cleaning your car saves money

Following on from the previous point, cleaning your car can save you from having to pay for extensive repairs. Dirt is truly the enemy of your car’s paint and body, often causing irreversible damage and requiring complete replacement of certain parts.

4. Keeping the inside of your car clean is good for your health

Many of us know that the interiors of our cars are a little muckier than may be desirable, but we often lack the motivation to do anything about it. Being aware of the health implications of a dirty car, however, may change this. Harmful bacteria can accumulate on various elements of a car’s interior such as the upholstery, steering wheel and dashboard, potentially leading to illnesses and long term health conditions. As a rule of thumb, make sure you keep your car as clean as your house.

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